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Iphone X

The anniversary iPhone is here. The iPhone X. Or the iPhone 10. The name is as confusing as the product itself is game-changing. Tim Cook's vision finally overwhelmed Steve Jobs ideological remnants. A new dawn for the iPhones has begun, free of the iconic Home key and the notorious screen bezels. These past ten years of iPhones has contributed a lot to the industry's development - the capacitive touchscreen, the glass design, the fingerprint scanner, the force press, the portrait mode. We've seen Apple push the envelope each time by putting obscure technological breakthroughs in the hands of millions. And now they've done it yet again. The Face ID. Once a software gimmick, Apple has made it the next-step in biometric security. The company was so sure in its capabilities that it immediately retired the Touch ID. The Face ID sensor also made possible a new level of selfies and incredible accurate facial expression tracking with the Animojis.
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